Art Deck is a collaborative drawing game

Art Deck started as a Kickstarter, and isn’t currently available to buy. If you’d like to know when it’s back on sale, let us know using the contact form in the sidebar.

Art Deck is played with a deck of cards, plus whatever pens and paper and paint you have to hand. Everyone draws on one big sheet of paper, with players taking turns to add to a set of instructions, and then following them. But only one artist can play the “sign your name” card on an artwork and claim it as their own…

The game is fun, fast and a little bit silly. It’s great for playing with friends just for the fun of it, or for getting people who wouldn’t normally draw to feel comfortable and give it a go.

Want more info? Check out our Kickstarter page, complete with a video and a load more photos and information about the game!